This month my conversation with Brother Keith is on everybody’s favorite topic: sex.It turns out that Keith is indeed the Doctor of Love! Having counseled literally thousands of people on sexual functioning, as a psychotherapist for over 40 years, Keith brings a relaxed, cut-the-bull energy to the topic.

Our conversation ranged all over the place, including:

  • How our sexuality evolves, and what emerges at the integral altitude
  • Everyday tantra: How to have hot monogamy
  • Moving from sexual shame to radical acceptance
  • Genetic and cultural taboos – how to know the difference
  • Erotic polarity: the interplay between masculine and feminine arousal
  • An integral understanding of intimacy and relationship

It’s always fun to hear Dr. Keith’s transmission, but this month it’s a real turn-on. Don’t listen alone!

Dr. Keith’s more detailed written notes are  posted here, and you can get his full teachings at his website,