One sign that you are on the right path is that you will encounter help unlooked for. The field is something that is behind us, in front of us, through us, enveloping us…all things without exception. Your intention bends the gravity contours of the field, creating a path from all dimensions of the cosmos to your door.

— from Secrets of the Field by Ross Hostetter

I want to invite you to listen in on a terrific conversation I had the other day with my dear friend and integral brother Ross Hostetter. Ross is the author of a wonderful new book, Secrets of the Field, A Spiritual Adventure, which is the Winner of the 2013 National Indie Excellence Award for Visionary Fiction.

In this dialogue Ross and I talk about visionary imagination, a concept that figures strongly in his work. Ross takes imagination seriously as a practice, a practice that calls forth real guidance (and Guides!) for your life. His book tells the story of how this cosmic principle works in one man’s life, taking him on an adventure and revealing a muse that delivers him into a new life that is more vivid and authentic than anything he had ever hoped for.

This Tuesday, September 10 (7 – 9pm), at the Integral Center in Boulder, Ross is hosting a launch party for the FieldWork School, a course of training and community for people who are interested in tapping into the intelligence and power that is available to those who know how to call it forth.  I encourage you to come check it out. You can register for Tuesday’s event at the Fieldwork School link above.

In the meantime you can find out more about Ross’s insights in our audio dialogue…

Listen or download here: