The newest member of the family, Gracie.

Gracie is the newest member of the family. 

It’s good to be back in the saddle for another season of the Daily Evolver Live. 2014 was a growing year for the podcast and blog. In our fall season alone we had over 20,000 downloads, a number that astonishes me. I’ve always seen the Daily Evolver as something I did more to be faithful than successful, but it’s great to have it catching on. Our producer, Brett Walker, and I would like to thank all our readers and listeners for tuning in and sharing it!

We’re going to do things a little differently – better I hope – this season. I’ve often received requests for a transcription of the live podcast. I’m sympathetic, because I too tend to be more of a reader than listener. So this season we will be offering a written, edited transcript of the podcast published alongside the audio version.

We’re also going to be offering a couple shorter audio excerpts of the podcast, in addition to the full hour-long version. They are an option if you just have time for a quick listen, and are easier to share as well.

Some things won’t change. The podcast will be recorded live as usual on Tuesday evenings.  We have a good group of comrade integralists listen in as I record the show, and chime in as well with questions and comments. To join us live, you can call +1-530-216-4294 (PIN 47100), or sign up here and get a special number that lets you join in the conversation. Either way, there’s no cost to you.

So welcome back, friends, to a new season of the Daily Evolver Live. I look forward to sharing with you each week.  Below (or here) is the podcast recorded from Tuesday night, January 6th:

  • the full hour audio podcast as usual
  • a written transcript of the podcast
  • two audio excerpts