I had a terrific gabfest with my Integral besties Diane Musho Hamilton and Terry Patten about the Clinton-Trump campaign. I’m sharing it with you here.

We recorded ourselves Monday, October 10th, the day after the second Presidential debate (the debate preceded by Trump’s press conference with four women who accuse Bill and Hillary Clinton of abuse). Here’s some of what we talked about:

  • Is Trump degrading our culture?
  • The painful karma of being the first female presidential candidate, and how Hillary is handling it.
  • What about the third party option?
  • The gift of Trump: how something ugly can create something beautiful.

In the call I test-drove my theory that this campaign, as appalling as it is, is a powerful engine of cultural evolution and is moving us to a more intelligent and humane place (as long as Trump doesn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office of course). Have a listen and see if Terry and Di buy it. And if you do too …

– Jeff