Oddsmakers have Trump with an 8% chance of becoming the next President of the United States.

This is terrifying. Not because Trump is a big alpha figure who would bust up the establishment. Not because he’s vulgar. Not because lacks a coherent policy vision. Those things can actually be evolutionarily potent in their proper measure.

No, the real problem with Donald Trump is that in important lines of development he is arrested at the level of a five-year-old. I’d also note, with love, that he’s not the nicest five-year-old. Donald demands constant attention. He’s impulsive, chaotic and vengeful. He lies and won’t follow rules. He loves to fight and rebels against all constraints. And he believes, accurately, that all of the above will get him what he wants.

Now … imagine our young Donald with a nuclear weapon.

So, yes, an 8% chance is way too much. (It’s the same chance as me being born in the month of April – and yet it happened! I rest my case.)

This podcast is my attempt to use an integral lens to peer into Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the picture it reveals may be even more dangerous than we thought. But only if he wins. If he loses I believe the Year of Trump will actually turn out to have been a tonic for our culture.

So Trump must be defeated and defeated decisively. If you’re a US citizen make sure you vote and see that two, three or more of your friends do too. The rest of you please say a prayer.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast!