In this podcast we’ve spliced together the audio from three Facebook Live videos I’ve done over the last couple weeks. I’m really liking these quickie videos as they are giving me a chance to comment on current events in real time, particularly handy now that the news is coming at us so fast.

Here are the three topics I explore in this podcast:

(02:36) Trump is Irredeemably Red – There is just one thing that Donald Trump likes better than winning: fighting itself. His lashing out is hurting his agenda but he can’t seem to stop himself. (This segment was previously posted as a single, so if you’ve already heard it just fast forward to the other two segments.)

(19:18) Loyalty vs Law – Pre-modern government is built on patronage and loyalty, while modern government is built on law and bureaucracy (the “deep state”). Trump operates in the former system and is at war with the latter.

(37:53) The Uncivil War – Every developmental shift in consciousness and culture is accompanied by great conflict — including the political polarization of today. A few decades ago both the left and right occupied the same established developmental territory, traditionalism and modernism, so policy differences could be compromised. Now the left is occupying an emergent stage, postmodernism, and the fight is about identity.

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