In this episode of Shrink and Pundit, integral psychotherapist Dr Keith Witt and I talk about how intimacy, longevity and happiness are programmed into the human genome, and accessible to all of us. But at a cost.

Keith recently participated in an extraordinary conference called Plenitude near Sintra, Portugal. The conference brought together experts from around the world to explore a multidimensional approach to aging well.

Join us in our discussion of some surprising and not so surprising data about the current state of longevity research and how it relates to intimacy and happiness from an AQAL perspective.

  • What is the secret of the “Blue Zones,”–the five places on earth where people live the longest, happiest, most active lives?
  • Why is social isolation more deadly than all the other problems of modernity?
  • Why does it get progressively more challenging to satisfy our instinctual needs for satisfying social embeddedness as we develop?
  • How do we maintain the marital friendship, marital love affair, and quick repair capacities in modern marriages?

Join us as we discuss all this and more!