Today we share Jeff’s guest appearance on the episode We can’t evolve without these traditional values from Steve Harper‘s “What’s Your Theory?“ webcast. Steve and Jeff explore the interior qualities of traditionalism (amber altitude), and how to recognize, respect and nurture their power in one’s self and others. The conversation is organized around three touchstones:

  1. Joseph Campbell, whose insights into “the hero’s journey“ reveal the deep structures of myths throughout history, and their value in giving our lives direction and meaning.
  1. “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” the classic Frank Capra film where an idealistic young Senator (Jimmy Stewart) champions honor and sacrifice over the interests of money.
  1. Jordan Peterson, whose wildly popular YouTube videos and new bestseller “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos“ seek to reanimate a heroic traditionalism, particularly for young people who are deficient.

This podcast is a companion piece with the episode, “The Beauty (and Baggage) of Traditionalism,” where Jeff provides a more theoretical context for the amber altitude of development.

Stephen T. Harper is the host of the “What’s Your Theory” podcast, where he and Jeff have a regular series of “Integral Chats.” Steve is also the author of the Kings X Saga, a series of novels blending contemporary fantasy and world history.