Today Jeff and Corey respond to listener feedback, focused on how we evolve (both as individuals and as cultures) by “transcending and including” our previous stages of development. But, practically speaking, how do we know what to include and what to transcend?

Kristina from Idaho writes: “I’m asking myself how to discern what cannot or should not be included in the movement toward an integral perspective. Can you give any kind of guideline or perhaps qualities of previous levels that should NOT be brought forward?”

Durwin from Canada provides a good explanation using the example of traditionalism (Amber Altitude): “We need to affirm the healthy expression of amber/traditionalism collectively, while personally, the goal is to heal any remaining amber sub-personalities, so that we can experience the “mini-transformation” that comes from no longer having any of our subjectivity stuck there.”

And, Mimi K. writes: “Red, amber. orange, green and integral seem to be all alive and well on this planet. Earlier stages used to last for millennia before a new one emerged. How can we keep red, amber orange and green from destroying each other before Integral can embrace and contain them?”

Being conscious of our own development allows us to deliberately participate in it. Here are some insights to help guide the way.