In today’s episode I recount my own evolution through the spiral of development and share how the integral vision has illuminated my world(s).

I was approached for this interview by two dear friends: Nomali Perera, with whom I’ve worked on many integral projects since 2004, and Lee Mason, whom I’ve come to know more recently. Nomali and Lee are both coaches, facilitators and teachers in the integral arena, and have teamed up to create a series of offerings called Practical Integral.

In addition to this interview, they asked me to join them in producing short introductory videos on each of the five dimensions of Ken Wilber’s AQAL Theory (all Quadrants, Levels, Lines, States and Types). It was a perfect lockdown project that we enjoyed thoroughly, and the videos, Back to Basics: Introducing Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, are now available on their site. I encourage you to check them out (and perhaps send them to someone who might enjoy hearing the lived experience of integral consciousness more than the fine points of theory).

I hope you enjoy both the interview and the new video series. And please do get in touch with Nomali and Lee if you are interested in integral facilitation and coaching.

About Lee Mason and Nomali Perera

Based in Amsterdam, Lee Mason will be teaching the fourth edition of his comprehensive Integral Flourishing course, starting on September 14th, 2020.

Nomali Perera, a certified Integral Master Coach will be offering three new  Immunity to Change™ group coaching sessions in August and September. You can find more details on