Another integral view of our integral President. This is from Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein (the little shit is only 26 years old) on Morning Joe. He’s describing the thinking and operational style of the Obama administration in the context of the Bin Laden mission. He presents one of the best explanations of integral consciousness (teal altitude) that I have run across:

They figure that success will win. That it doesn’t matter whether you’re leading from behind or leading in the front, or that you’re running in Afghanistan or pulling out in Iraq.  [They figure] that what will ultimately work for them (outside of the cable news cycle) are operations, initiatives, programs, projects and policies that work. And so when it seems that what might work is a daring raid into Pakistan, they do that; and at other times when it seems that what will work is to partner with the Arab League to do a multi-lateral process, they do that.

There’s a tendency in Washington to want grand theories, a simple theory of how to act in every circumstance, and they have been very, very resistant to that.  I think its because they see it as much more important that they actually have successful initiatives at the end of the day than that they project a certain consistent set of characteristics over time.

Read that last sentence again. I still can’t believe this guy is the President.

Ezra: Integral (and cute!)

BTW, Ezra Klein is on my list of commentators who is operating at an Integral level. Add his blog to your list.