Excepts from the Daily Evolver Dialogs
… a weekly conversation on an integral view of current events, with Jeff Salzman and David Riordan, published by Integral Life.

This week’s Daily Evolver focuses on the current political crisis in Washington concerning the raising of the debt ceiling. Our debt ceiling is like the limits on our credit cards—we can only charge up to that limit. Raising our debt ceiling means the United States government can continue to borrow money to pay our existing bills. If the constraints on our ability to borrow money have not been increased by August 2, there are both dire predictions of another economic meltdown, and equally vehement claims from some on the political right that nothing at all will happen.

In this conversation, David and I look at this debate on this obscure, self imposed debt limit as representing the latest skirmish in the cultural wars between conservatives and liberals about the role of the national government in our lives. We explore how we can view this potential financial and political train wreck as all a part of evolutions next best cultural move.

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