Excepts from the Daily Evolver Dialogs
… a weekly conversation on an integral view of current events, with Jeff Salzman and David Riordan, published by Integral Life.

Each week, we at the Daily Evolver take a look at some of our hottest news stories through an Integral perspective. In my conversation with David this week, we take a look at the very media that we experience our world through. Join us as we discuss:

  • Mainstream media evolving into a different channels for every different worldview, guaranteed to offer anyone a comfortable source of truth, while also guaranteeing that you will rarely be exposed to information that may or may not challenge your ideas and world-view.
  • The propagation of audience-created media, brought to us unedited from the source of the individual’s experience.
  • How opposing views actually help us evolve our own.

So what do you think? What media sources do you use to inform your view of the world? How have they changed in the past five years?

Listen to short segment below. To listen to the full audio, please visit www.IntegralLife.com or click here: http://tinyurl.com/3hrsztj