Review by Joe Perez

An excerpt from a posting by integral author and blogger, Joe Perez of Awake, Alive & Aware.

With his presentation, “It’s an Integral World,” at the Integral Leadership Collaborative online event this week, Jeff Salzman looks at Integral consciousness as an aspect of evolutionary awareness. Jeff Salzman is the lead teacher at Boulder Integral and the blogger behind The Daily Evolver.

Salzman said:

Human beings evolve. That is in a sense the Integral creation story. We’re the first beings in history who are capable of seeing history. We have the ability to lay all of human wisdom on the table, and then see when we do that, when we really make it a practice to inhabit different perspectives and look through the eyes of other people and to really confront our own demonization of our enemies … we become more friendly to everyone. That is a very important evolutionary move because it allows all these different perspectives that we are feeling into, travelling, studying, all the things we are capable of doing. [Transcript by J.P.]

The “friendliness” of the Integral worldview is a central theme of Jeff’s online talk, which included a discussion of current affairs, global economic and environmental sustainability, spirituality, and leadership.

Integral is “friendly,” in Salzman’s view, because it is able to accept people with premodern, modern, and postmodern worldviews for who they are. The Integralist is able to collaborate, ally, and partner with a wide spectrum of people who would be natural enemies of each other.