Jeff Salzman giving a teaching with Q&A during the morning session at the Incubator

Here’s an audio of a recent talk I did with our Integral Incubator folks. The audio player is at the end of this post.

It is a good basic explanation of how the Integral world view can help us see ourselves and the world in more depth and with a higher resolution. I’m talking with people who are working on projects, so it focuses on how to access our own genius and increase our capability to act in the world.

Note: In this talk I refer to Quadrants and Levels of Development, which are parts of the AQAL maps, developed by integral theorist, Ken Wilber.

Last June’s class in mid-incubation. We’ve had nearly two hundred people attend the Integral Incubator from all over the world, working on projects of all kinds.

In case you are not familiar with the Integral Incubator, see  We have one more coming up in November. Come, join us!