Bring your project – and your self – to a heightened environment of discipline, creativity and teamwork

  • Oct 31 – Nov 4 in Boulder, Colorado
  • A five-day bootcamp for self-discovery and professional development
  • Led by Jeff Salzman, Nomali Perera, and a team of top Integral coaches
  • Plus mega-pandit Ken Wilber, in person!
  • Watch videos about the Incubator by Jeff Salzman!

Are you inspired by a great idea, project, or personal calling? Are you frustrated by distractions and lower priorities that keep slowing you down?

If so, join this invigorating gathering at Boulder Integral, designed to usher you into your next stage of effectiveness — using your own work as your object of practice!  We have had 7 Incubators–all of them sold-out–attended by people from USA, Canada, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, England, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina and more…

At the Integral Incubator you will join with a group of 20+ high-achieving evolutionaries in an intentional container that will help you function at your new best. The Incubator is designed as a potent combination of:

Personal coaching and group experiences to help you get insight and support from others
Transformational practices to build your focus, creativity and personal power
A variety of intensified work spaces that help you achieve peak performance consistently and on-demand

You’ll spend several hours per day focused on the project(s) you have brought. You’ll be accompanied by a team of people who can see, appreciate, and support you. You will leave having gained real traction on the most important work of your life, whether it be:

  • Your new business venture
  • Your work as a teacher, consultant or coach
  • Your screenplay, book or art
  • Your service project
  • Your everyday performance in your current job or career

Don’t have a well-defined project?

Then bring yourself!  We’ll help you see your life and work more clearly. You’ll leave motivated and on track to actualize your unique gift in the world.

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