by Corey DeVos

Stock markets are experiencing some manic swings right now, as trillions of dollars of investor’s money fluctuate wildly with no end in sight to the partisan bickering looking for someone to blame. This week’s Daily Evolver focuses on the fears that arise as we consider these continuing challenges of the global economic crisis.

In this conversation, David and I look at how an evolutionary view can help us reduce our fear and anxiety around chaotic situations like these. One of the hallmarks of Integral consciousness is a dramatic reduction of fear-based reactions. Certainly, from a large enough meta-view, we realize how small our worries really are when compared to the long view of the continuing march of evolution–but at the same time, this perspective does not offer any real promise of eventual success either. Or does it? Could it have something to do with how we are actually measuring success to begin with?

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… an on-going conversation on current events from an integral perspective, with Jeff Salzman and David Riordan, published by Integral Life.

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