by Corey DeVos

After weeks of heated congressional discussion with the United States poised on the brink of defaulting on its debts, Republicans and Democrats begrudgingly passed a bill—described by one U.S. Representative as a “sugar coated Satan sandwich”—at the very last minute, which will allow us to avoid the potential destabilization of global financial markets.

In this conversation, David and I discuss the compromise and how the result might play out politically over the next eighteen months until the 2012 elections. One thing seems certain—the majority are unhappy with both the process or the result, but is it possible that this fiasco can actually prompt a positive long-term change in our governing structures? Was this merely political theater as usual, or did something genuinely new emerge that explicitly pits political ideology and showmanship against the real-world responsibilities of governing?

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… an on-going conversation on current events from an integral perspective, with Jeff Salzman and David Riordan, published by Integral Life.

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