In this week’s Daily Evolver we explore the celebration of Christmas from an Integral point of view, beginning with the personal meaning the holiday season has for David and Jeff. They take a look at the difference between how we hold the “truth” of the story versus the “facts”, extracting the transcendent wisdom of the Christmas holiday from the confines of myth and evidence. We see how the story of Christmas is actually a perennial story, recapitulated time and time again throughout history and prehistory, long before the birth of Jesus, as an archetypal description of the darkness of winter and the rebirth into the light of Spring.
Join us as we explore how the way we hold these stories illuminates our own experiences of death and rebirth, helping us appreciate the beauty of the mythic stories that we often work to leave behind. Finally we notice that these “states” come through deep intentional practice, shining a light on our beliefs and convictions, and calling us to truly live our experience of the Winter Solstice from moment to moment.

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