How do we wrap our heads around the idea of progress when there is still so much suffering in the world and so much obviously wrong?  We look around and see the violence in the Middle East, the rising of the oceans, the precariousness of our economic systems, the hypocrisy of politics, not to mention extreme weather, epidemics and Honey Boo Boo — the list of things to worry about is long and scary.

This is progress?

My thesis, of course, is yes and it has stimulated many terrific conversations with evolutionary-minded people. One of them is Jeremy Johnson, a reader of the Daily Evolver out of new New York. As founder of the blog Evolutionary Landcapes, and having just finished up a degree in consciousness studies at Goddard College, Jeremy is a worthy conversation partner, so … we decided to tape a discussion we had on the topic of progress and share it with you here.