Spiritual growth is one of the goals of integral development.  But what does it look like? What does it feel like? What are the new antennae that come online that help us to receive the ever-deeper and ever-higher signals of spirit?

These are questions that I have been asking for decades as I have sought to understand — and experience — a juicy spiritual life that is possible after mythic belief gives way to scientific understanding.

Science, of course, does not tell us about God or Ultimate meaning. On the contrary, for many people, myself included, developing into a rational / scientific stage of development meant the death of God.  One of the main jobs of science is to shed light on superstition and to wring all vestiges of magical thinking from life.

So it was with eager, open mind that I approached my dear friend and Integral sister, Cindy Wigglesworth, to speak about spiritual life beyond rationality.  We’re sharing that conversation with you here. 

Cindy has been working on the topic of spiritual development for many years, and has created the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment Instrument, the first ever competency-based tool for assessing spiritual intelligence.  Her new book, SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligenceis a distillation of her work, and offers a path for people of all religious persuasions, from fundamentalists to atheists, to live a more peaceful, balanced, wise and compassionate life.

One of the aspects I like most about the path that Cindy lays out is that while it includes the timeless truths of the great spiritual traditions, it transcends them, charting a path that shows us how one can grow spiritually in many varied and glorious ways.  We talk all about it here.  I hope you listen in!

Listen to an excerpt below. The full audio is here on integrallife.com