What many of us in the integral world feel is next is a mutual enlightenment, a getting together and creating something that is new. -Jeff Salzman

It’s actually exciting to feel that kind of shifting and changing occurring and we’re not trying to make it happen, it is happening. -Patricia Albere

I had a fascinating conversation with my integral sister and teacher, Patricia Albere, founder of The Evolutionary Collective, a group of practitioners who are consciously working on creating a deep connectedness amongst themselves. The group meets for a few days several times a year to work with Patricia and her co-teacher Jeff Carreira.

They have had great success in creating what Patricia refers to as “mutuality” which is a marker of integral development in the lower left quadrant of Ken Wilber’s AQAL model, the quadrant that represents the mutual understandings between members of a group and how they consciously and unconsciously create the cultural soup that we cook in together. Using Integral jargon, it is the interior of the collective.

In this dialog Patricia and I talk about how interpersonal enlightenment works, starting as transient state experiences that come and go, but eventually creating a more stable stage experience which represents true development. As Patricia says “It moves you to another floor in the building.” Patricia shares some the insights and technologies that guide her work in this most important dimension of human evolution. Join us here, and also consider joining us in Denver this New Year’s at the What Next Conference. Patricia will be leading a workshop on the topic of mutuality.

Listen to an excerpt below. The full audio is premium content on integrallife.com.