Around the world in less than half an hour!  In this conversation I take a look through the integral lens at a wide range of topics, from the struggle between conservatives and liberals, animal rights, the markers of integral consciousness, Romney, Obama and the election, and development in general.  All with my new friend, Jack Butler.

One of the most exciting aspects of being in the integral worldspace is seeing the younger people who are entering the scene.  I think we really can recognize a maturity and wisdom in these folks that are beyond their years, and certainly beyond anything I knew when I was in my 20’s.

One such person is Jack Butler, a young Englishman who is visiting the states and making the tour of various integral communities. Jack stopped by earlier this week for a visit. He asked if he might interview me for his blog,, and engage a few basic questions about integral theory for his readers, who are seekers but not necessarily integral fans.

I love the idea of talking to people who are new to this but interested and ready to hear it. So I do a quick explanation of some basic integral principles and how they apply to daily life. It’s a quick set up, iPhone camera, but I enjoyed our chemistry, and thought I’d share our time with you. About 25 minutes.