Had a great conversation with Carter Phipps the other day. Carter has been a luminary in the integral/evolutionary world for many years. He is the past executive editor of What is Enlightenment? magazine, (subsequently known as EnlightenNext), one of the best publications ever on the subject of interior evolution.

Carter and I come from different lineages in the integral worldspace: he being a student of Andrew Cohen for many years, and me as a student of Ken Wilber.  So we have fun gossiping and comparing notes about the state of the integral movement. Is it gaining traction in the culture? How do we most skillfully communicate our views and solutions? What do we know about how integral consciousness shows up, in ourselves and the world at large?

Carter knows the scene as well as anyone.  He just finished touring for his new book, Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea. It’s a wonderful book, both as a skilled exposition of the basic thinking behind the ideas of cultural evolution, as well as a overview of many of the characters who are moving the ball in the arena today.  (Evolutionaries would be a good choice to give or recommend to a friend who is interested in integral thought.)

Listen to an excerpt below. The full audio is premium content on integrallife.com.