We had a good session on Monday night at the Integral Center in Boulder, talking politics the night before the election. We live-streamed the event, and you can check it out on video here.  It was our  first time live-streaming so please forgive the  technical glitches.

We didn’t know who was going to win, of course, so there are some horserace comments that are a little out of date (pretty accurate however!). We mostly looked through an integral lens to see the bigger patterns at work in this great cultural event, most of which is as relevant today as the night before we knew that Barack Obama was going to get a second term.

You’ll note that I refer to a chart on my left, The Altitudes of Development. The Altitudes help us see critical relationships between political parties and factions and is very helpful in understanding cultural development in general.  You can refer to a similar graph in the Theory page of this blog.

Stay tuned, folks, the beat goes on.