…. every thought, every action and every fantasy, however dark.

It’s kind of scary, isn’t it? Living with total transparency is the premise of a film being created by my friend and integral bro, Jason Lange. He and I discuss it on a short video Skype that you can watch below.

Here’s how Jason describes his film, titled SHARE: “It follows John and Abby, a young couple wrestling with the decision whether or not to take their relationship to a deeper level by using a technology known as ‘sharing’. The tech not only allows for people to record everything about their experience – all their thoughts, emotions, memories, and desires – but to also share that digital memory with another person in perfect fidelity so they can see that other person’s entire life in a digital instant.”

Do John and Abby do it? Would you?

It’s a great thought experiment with all sorts of relational, psychological and even spiritual implications (after all, total transparency is the deal we have with God – at least He  knows everything about us!). And in our emerging post-privacy world we’re getting ever more transparent.

Watch the video to see our dialog, then find out more about the film and see Jason discuss this topic with other people, by visiting wouldyoushare.com.