In this first Daily Evolver Live call Jeff lays out some of the principles he uses to interpret current events through an integral lens. Working with examples from the week’s headlines, he shows how evolutionary thinking provides us with a more wise, compassionate and effective path forward. He addresses topics such as:

  • How do we relate to the endless stream of depressing news?
  • Why the altitudes of development are essential tools to help us see more deeply into the political landscape
  • Political polarization: is it worse?  What is the evolutionary’s role in the culture wars?
  • Obama and the the integral dog whistle
  • The upside and downside of tribal thinking in our culture – and in ourselves
  • The surprising interior evolutionary achievements of modernity, and why we’re in for an ever-more civilized future
  • Conservative, Libertarian, Progressive: How each political ideology divides the world and how integral knits it back together
  • The power of disillusionment: when the loss of respect for social and political institutions is a good thing
  • A hopeful homily from Pope Francis (is he our new green pope?)

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