Featuring a live report from Emine Kiray, our intrepid reporter in Istanbul!

This week we took a look at three big stories from the news:

1.   Sexual abuse in the military.  Yesterday began hearings on Capitol Hill where the Senate Armed Services committee  questioned the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the increase in incidents of sexual abuse in the military.  The amber/orange Chiefs want to be left to solve the problem themselves through the military’s vaunted “chain of command.”  The orange/green senators, led by Kirsten Gillibrand and Claire McCaskall want to set up an independent line of appeal (much like an HR function in private companies). Who’s going to win?

2.   The IRS Scandal. One of the promises of modernity (orange) is that everyone is treated fairly by the government. Old rules of patronage (amber traditional) and confiscation (red warrior) are superseded by bureaucracy.  Government bureaucracy is rightly criticized (better systems are evolving) for its stultifying rules and procedures, but at least it folds, spindles and mutilates everyone equally.  Except when it doesn’t.

3. Turmoil in Turkey.  A small demonstration to save a park in Istanbul from being developed has turned into rioting and country-wide demonstrations involving upwards of a million people.  It’s a unique and revealing culture war seasoned with a dash of wounded patriarchy.  Our Turkish-American integral sister, Emine Kiray, Co-director of Integral Without Borders, give us the lowdown live from Istanbul (excerpt below).

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Listen below to an sample taken from my interview with Emine Kirey in Turkey. (The full audio is available here for premium members of integrallife.com).