My latest conversation with Dr. Keith Witt really gave me a lift!

In evolutionary circles we often hear how the human brain is wired for hypervigilance. Natural selection favors people who see a saber-toothed tiger behind every bush because occasionally one is actually there. And we experience the effect of this programming today within ourselves, showing up as anxiety, worry and a bias for seeing the negative in a situation.

The human race is accelerating evolution, on every level; social evolution, genetic evolution. Physical evolution has accelerated with the human race also. The way that happens is through human focus, intent and action, in service of principle, driven by resolve and commitment. That force is what creates everything. ~Dr. Keith Witt

Well it turns out that fear is not the only operating system in our brains; we humans are also programmed for love, empathy, cooperation and even spiritual growth. Yay!

Brother Keith has been a practicing psychotherapist for 40 years and is an avid student of the brain sciences (the upper right quadrant in integral theory). He points out that the past couple decades have seen great discoveries in neurobiology which reveal a more complete and positive picture of the human condition.

In this fun and high-energy conversation Keith and I bat around some of his key insights as to how neurobiology research is illuminating psychotherapy and spiritual practice. His more detailed written notes are also posted here.

Listen Here