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Roy Moore Scandal – American Identity – Gratitude’s Force Field

Here’s what’s cooking in this week podcast:

  1. A Transracial American Identity (0:15)

    In this episode I reflect on a conversation Corey DeVos and I had with African American scholar Greg Thomas, where we explored what a more integral approach to race relations might look like. Greg is influenced by his mentor, Albert Murray, who, writing in the 60’s challenged the postmodern narrative that reduced race (and much of human relations in general) to hard constructs of victim and oppressor.

  2. Judge Roy Moore and the Evolution of Creepy (20:30)

    American politics is riveted on bombshell accusations involving Judge Roy Moore, who is running for U.S. Senate from the state of Alabama. In a story reported in the Washington Post, he is accused by five women of molesting them when they were 14 – 16 years old. He proclaims his innocence, claims he always “got their mother’s permission” when dating young girls, and calls the charges a political smear.

  3. Thanksgiving and the Force Field of Gravity (47:28)

    Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday: few obligations, a nice dinner and a reminder to be grateful for life’s blessings – and the blessing of life itself! Gratitude is itself a practice in many spiritual traditions and it is a worthy part of an integral practice. In this episode I take a look at the power of gratitude through an integral lens. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Terror Today – Feeling Integral – Mean Green Fever Dream

This week on the Daily Evolver Live:

  1. An Integral Response To Terror in the 21st Century (00:16)
    The end of ISIS as an occupying army is official with the fall of Raqqa, Syria two weeks ago. ISIS’s defeat was never in question: holy warriors led by God were never a match for the Goliath of modernity. But ISIS lives on in the minds and hearts of its true believers, some of whom would be oh so happy to take jihad to the Great Satan using modern weapons they could never themselves create. This time in New York it was a truck. Next time it could be much, much worse. How should modernity fight back now?
  2. The Art of Being Unique But Not Special (25:20)
    In this episode I took a look at a paradoxical move in vertical development: where we embrace our own radical uniqueness and express it in relation to other beings who are also utterly unique. It’s a new and more vivid integration of the individual and collective realms of reality, and out of it emerges a possibility for a more fruitful, happy and fulfilling life. Once again we are helped out by Sarah Silverman!
  3. Mean Green Fever Dream: Climate Urgency Vs. Alarmism (41:22)
    Climate change is one of the most difficult and complex problems the globe is facing right now — one that requires a certain degree of development to even perceive, yet poses a potential existential threat to billions of people across the planet. When trying to communicate about climate change and sustainable initiatives, how can we find a way to convey the tremendous urgency of the problem without falling into the sort of overwrought alarmism that only ends up tuning people out of the conversation?
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Talk to Trumpsters – Watch the Witch – Vote for Integral!

Hey folks, here’s what’s cooking on this week’s Daily Evolver podcast:

  1. Sarah Silverman, George Lakoff, Vox, & David Brooks try to talk to Trumpsters — In the wake of the Trump election, many progressives are realizing that one way forward is to reach out to their political opponents, at least to establish a basic human connection. In this episode I look at four recent attempts to do that: by comedian Sarah Silverman, philosopher George Lakoff, Vox political correspondent Liz Plank and New York Times columnist David Brooks.
  2. “The Witch”: an Integral horror show — In this segment I review my new favorite horror film: “The Witch: A New England Folktale”. Created by young filmmaker Robert Eggers, it feels like something new in the genre, not only in how it was made, but it also in terms of where it takes the viewer. I nominate it for consideration as a work of integral art — as well as for your Halloween horror movie weekend (but watch it with the subtitles).
  3. It’s election time again. Vote for Integral! — In a political system that is so polarized and seemingly rife with conflict between irreconcilable views, here’s how to make more integrally-informed voting choices.
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Transpersonal Workout – Bad Buddhists – Toxic Trump

In this week’s podcast I again attempt to shed some light on what’s emerging in our ever-evolving world …

  1. The Transpersonal Workout — I think I have stumbled upon a way to transform my morning workout from something I dread and suffer through, to something that has become quite meaningful and rewarding. In the process I have upped my weights, reps and results – and leave not just physically but spiritually strengthened.
  2. When Buddhists Go Bad — If Buddhism is a religion of peace, what explains the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, where the Rohingya Muslims minority is being killed and driven out by Buddhist militias, incited by Buddhist monks?
  3. Toxic Trump — In this segment I respond to a listener who makes a urgent request for relief from a bad case of “Trumpinosis” (fear and loathing of our President). I end the episode by sharing 15 minutes of a video of spiritual teacher Byron Katie as she helps a woman metabolize her distress at Trump. It’s a brilliant integral transmission. You can see the whole thing at “I’m Afraid of Trump – The Work of Byron Katie”.
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Trump anxiety, Gun madness & Weinstein’s fall

I’m really enjoying doing my daily web show (Mon-Thur) on Integral Live. It gives me a forum to bring an integral perspective to the events of the day, in real time. This week’s podcast includes:

1) The Trumpometer has ticked from incompetent to dangerous. His base still loves him and progressives still hate him, but the mainstream middle, including Republicans like Sen Bob Corker, are warning of WWIII.

2) The Las Vegas shooter highlights the price of America’s second amendment: high-tech guns in the hands of homocidal maniacs. Yet what’s up with the ongoing paradox of increasing gun ownership and decreasing gun violence?

3)Male domination of women is nothing new. Though modernity and postmodernity seek to dismantled it, pockets of patriarchy continue to flourish in the strangest places, even liberal Hollywood. Till last week…

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