The Shrink & The Pundit

Dr. Keith Witt is one of my favorite conversation partners, a Central Casting Integralist, a California surfer as a young man, accomplished martial artist, father of two, married to the same woman for 30+ years…and an integral psychotherapist extraordinaire. Having practiced in Santa Barbara for nearly 40 years and conducting over 55,000 therapeutic sessions, he knows the human animal up close and personal. To use Malcolm Gladwell’s criteria, Keith has “achieved mastery” in his profession. He explicitly uses Ken Wilber’s integral maps to illuminate his work, and to illuminate the people he is working with and of course to illuminate himself in the process. From the day we met years ago at the original Integral Institute seminars, we’ve had an ongoing conversation that’s never really stopped — it just keeps getting more interesting and multifaceted. The Shrink and the Pundit series is our effort to record these conversations and share them with you in the hopes that you’ll find them just as stimulating and inspiring as we do. ~Jeff Salzman

The Shrink & The Pundit

Self-Love: Feeling whole in our incompleteness

The Shrink and the Pundit is an ongoing discussion between Jeff and his longtime friend, Dr. Keith Witt, a leading Integral psychotherapist.

In this podcast they explore the topic of self-love. Dr. Keith traces the relationship that each of us has with our own “self-sense” from birth (actually gestation), when we fall from the paradise of the womb and begin the process of growth into ever new worlds of conditional love. That pattern continues until we reach higher stages of development, where a more integrated sense of self is able to love what has previously been in shadow.

Listen in as Jeff and Dr. Keith discuss how to cultivate “a warm sense of oneness with yourself as being good, caring and beautiful.”

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