Great conversation here with another of my Integral Brothers, Keith Witt.  Keith is a Central Casting Integralist, a California surfer as a young man, accomplished martial artist, father of two, married to the same woman for 30+ years … and an integral psychotherapist extraordinaire.

Photo: Barbara Katz

Keith has, to use Malcolm Gladwell’s criteria, “achieved mastery” in his profession, having worked for many tens of thousands of hours as a full-time psychotherapist in Santa Barbara.  He explicitly uses Ken Wilber integral maps to illuminate his work, and to illuminate the people he is working with — and of course to illuminate himself in the process.

He’s written several integrally-informed books, including Waking Up: Psychotherapy as Art, Spirituality and Science, and his latest: 100 Reasons Not to Have  a Secret Affair. We’re featuring Keith at the What Next Conference over New Year’s, where he’s going to share his view of what’s next in the evolution of human consciousness, particularly at the cutting edge.

Check out this segment, it’s just 12 minutes. A fuller conversation will be posted soon at the Daily Evolver channel on Integral Life.