Can integral theory solve climate change and save democracy? A conversation with Alan Watkins

In "Wicked and Wise", Alan and Ken use climate change as an example of a wicked problem. “Integral coherence”, or applying the integral map in a coherent fashion, is the essence of the solution. In the podcast, Jeff and Alan discuss climate change, the problems of globalization and democracy, getting CEO’s to do the right thing, and even Donald Trump!

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Towards trans-rational shamanism with Joop de Vette

Joop used to be a self-described modern doctor like most in his field, oriented to a psycho-mental approach. Over the years he has changed and turned toward other ways of knowing and healing. In addition to his conventional medical training he has educated himself about NLP, hypnotherapy, family constellation and integral theory. He is now developing what he calls a post-integral evolutionary shamanism.

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The next economy: A conversation with Szandra Köves

In the vision of a future economy the motto is to think globally and act locally. Eco-localization refers to local production and consumption imbued with an awareness of how one’s actions may impact other communities. This includes global trade between local economies (hence the word “glocalization”), which means you don't import things that can be made locally but you may still share culture and “perhaps even have bananas in Hungary,” Szandra says.

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